DVD Movies: why are DVDs still Favored by Many?

Were you a DVD collector or addicter yourself, would you understand why DVD means so much to these people. Especially in such a downloadable world, within the online streaming risen period, physical disc for movies shrinks year by year, which makes DVD’s existence needless as it seems to be. DVDs still makes sense to many people.
DVD movies-love dvd
 For every individual, there must be a certain movie that worth viewing times after times, digesting and enjoying. With the DVD disc copy of the movies, you can watch it in your living room in a nostalgic afternoon whenever you want, I suppose, with better quality that probably won’t be fulfilled online (when network does not support, or when rental service of certain movies is not available), at least for the moment before image and sound fidelity of streaming surpass physical discs especially to DVD’s brother Blu-ray, which may probably happen years later. Well, the fact is: big online retailers as iTunes and Amazon are already providing with high-definition movies, but chances are that there’s always a time when they do not provide some kinds of movies you want.

Besides, to those who really love movies, they would also dig into the background information of the movies, the valued behind-the-stage details such as: some deleted scenes, alternative endings, director commentary and even interviews of the cast. All these mentioned above mostly could only be found in DVD extras while streaming rentals provide none generally. The information would not only help you understand the story better but also blow it to the peak of enjoyment-sometimes, the extras enhanced the movie itself.

In addition, DVD movies enjoyment would be enlarged when you share with your beloved friends; you can either lending them the DVDs or sending them as a gift. It would be funny when your friends surprisingly explained that “I didn’t even think of such a totally-different ending”.
DVD movies-The Dark Knight Rises
After all, you can just buy from DVD shops insert the DVD The Dark Knight Rises for enjoyment, instead of other annoying doing. This recalls me of e-book somehow. I wonder when e-book would take the place of books we use today. Or would it? As they’ve stay harmony for so quite some time till now.

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