What is Buzz Player?

BUZZ Player is a powerful media player for your iPhone/iPodTouch to browse, organize and play all your media files.

Beside all audio and video file types supported by iPhone OS system (mp3, aac, caf, wav....) it also supports play various other common media file types that iOS system doesn't support such as wma, avi, divx, flv, iso, vob, mkv, rmvb ... Not only support display most common video's subtitles file types such as srt, sub, ass, ssa, smi...

BUZZ Player allows you to customize the display of those subtitles with many options of subtitle's color, font, position and language. Addition to play local media files on your iPhone/iPodTouch, BUZZ Player also lets you play network files through common network protocols such as http, ftp,mms ... even rtmp, rtsp, rtp protocol that suitable for streaming media and real transmission. BUZZ Player allow you to display video file on external screen such as TV, Computer... with larger screen and other resolutions.

BUZZ Player will impressed you with its capable of easilly transfering all file types between your iPhone/iPodTouch and PC or network through USB and Wifi connection. It also support sharing what you like with your friend through email, Facebook, Twitter. With folder, playlist organization feature, you can browse and organize your all audio and video files easily with BUZZ Player.
                           Main screen on Normal Mode
                          Main Screen on Editing Mode
From bugunsoft

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