Observe iPhone 5 in Video Shooting and Video Viewing

Disappointed to many apple fans, iPhone 5 was defined as an evolution rather than an expecting revolution. If you allow me, superficially, the most outstanding new feature goes to the lengthened screen (and the thinnest iPhone). However, when you take a close at the screen, you’ll notice that it may indeed become one of the improved traits.

iPhone 5-video viewing

1. Video Shooting in iPhone
iPhone 5 camera definitely could be regarded as an impressive camera among phones. Compared with the previous iPhones, the iSight camera still remains to be 8-megapixel, but with a new sapphire-crystal lens, enhanced feature in dynamic low-lighting adjustment, image stabilization on the 1080P video camera, and photo shots (screen captures of the video) while shooting video.

With these improved features, shooting videos with iPhone 5 will be nice to experience as shown in the 2 most excellent traits.
  • Image stabilization: video clips shot while in moving situations can be impressive instead of jerky and jumpy, which makes video quality terrible. Though not as perfect as dedicated/professional video camera, slower motions are definitely smoothed out.  
  • Panorama mode at a fast speed: this new feature could be get by freely updating iPhone 4S. Ultra-wide shots by slowly moving the iPhone camera from left to right while in portrait mode, all 360 degrees could be included in your pan. And the faster processing chip in iPhone 5 makes the camera opens 40% quicker and responds swiftly.
2. Video Viewing in iPhone 5
As many of us have known that YouTube app is excluded in iPhone 5 as a built-in app, which means even with a half-inch larger screen, the previously built-in YouTube app is no longer available. However there are still various ways to watch videos through YouTube on iPhone 5.

apple app store-YouTube

  • Users can download the YouTube app which is developed by YouTube from app Store. This offers better experience than viewing through browser. Tap the App Store and Select search in which entering “YouTube” to install the YouTube app.
    The newly released App by YouTube, (one day earlier before iPhone unveiled), provides with better sharing to social media, channel support, but it lacks uploading function. Besides, the taller screen seems to make the video size unsuitable for there is black boxes above and below on the iPhone 5 4-inch screen.
  • Another way to watch videos through YouTube on iPhone 5 is through mobile Safari. Visit m.youtube.com for video viewing on iPhone 5, though slower in speed and lower in quality, could be nice after all.
  • Compatible with both iPhone 5 and iPad, YouTube app Jasmine is the best option for you, and even could be better than what Google was offering until now, which could not go with iPad. Functions as search/browse for videos, access your playlists, viewing history, favorite videos, and subscriptions can all be realized in this app. What’s more, you can also toggle between night/day mode easily, and control appearance, video playback, and parental controls among many other settings.

    The YouTube app by YouTube and the mobile Safari won’t allow uploading/sharing videos to YouTube, but uploading through the built-in Photos app and iMovie app is still available.

  • With the enhanced camera, you can catch better motion videos of your daily life, edit and then upload through iMovie and watch the videos through YouTube app. After all, from the video point of view, iPhone 5 does get evolved to some extent, or does it? 

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