Prometheus Leads Fox's Digital HD for the Latest Movies through New Streaming Access before Discs

Want to reach the latest blockbuster weeks earlier before DVD and Blu-ray copies available? As announced earlier this month, 20th Century Fox would make it possible by offering users support for streaming movies services-selling HD digital copies of movies, either stream or download the movies. As a matter of fact, the sci-fiction movie "Prometheus" leads the trend, which is already on the shelve for downloading while the disc version won't come out until Oct. 11th.

Prometheus-20th century fox-streaming

Such new access for latest movies services work through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Cinema Now, PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox Live and YouTube as well. It is named as "Digital HD", which provides movie addicts better offer: earlier release at lower cost of similar quality, even with Cloud storage as well as multiple devices supported. Prometheus just appears as an excellent example when you can get it now for $15 (DVD for $29.9 while BD for 39.9 on October 11). As Mary Daily(President of Worldwide Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment) put it: "Over time, DIGITAL HD will embody the benefits of HD quality and the ultimate all-access pass to the best in entertainment".

Actually Fox took efforts to promote its discs over the past few years, while this transition to stream access for movies indicates that digital will rules the future pictures, it's the coming of medium time (as Mike Dunn-worldwide president of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment believed).

According to Fox, the New Digital HD for the Latest Movies through Streaming Access before Discs is available around 50 countries and more. With the alien Prometheus as initiative Digital HD, 600 movies including Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, The Watch, among others, will soon be shown on the above retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, etc.

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