Tips for Best Christmas Gifts for Christmas 2012-Tablets

Are you busy preparing Christmas gifts these days as Christmas 2012 is drawing near? Well, you are not alone in the battle of selecting an awesome present. What amazing gifts to get for this year?

As over half Americans are going to purchase a tablet for Christmas present according to a recent survey by Vuclip, 57 percent of the 20,000 participated people decided to buy a tablet for themselves. So, I suppose you may get your family one in this trend? That’ll be fantastic!

Then how to pick up a tablet you want? Several points should be taken into consideration.
1. Your needs come first. Do you just want a device for watching movies during your traveling? Will you need constant network access? Your needs largely determine the size; the processor; battery duration; and others.
2. Your budget. How much you’d like to pay for it ultimately decides what you’ll get. Mention that not all expensive ones are in great quality while cheap ones worthless of buying.
3. Your preferential brand. With your needs and budget fulfilled, brand comes as another decisive factor to many people. The results of Vuclip survey show that 25% people will choose by brand, which reaches to an amount of 30% of whom picked iPad.

Consider at least the 3 factors above before making a wise choice of getting a cool tablet. Below are some of the hottest ones in 2012.Seize the Cyber Monday week opportunity and get one.

As Christmas gifts for teens or adults: 

4th generation iPad

The newest iPad is equipped with a faster A6X processor, adding extra system speed and graphics power. Improved worldwide cellular compatibility makes the LTE model a more appealing proposition. Besides, there are numerous selections of apps in the iOS App Store.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 
The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 has zippier navigation than its 7-inch counterpart, a beautiful high-definition screen, incredibly fast 4G LTE speeds, seamless streaming performance, and access to one of the best media eco systems available. The new Fire HD interface feels better suited on the 8.9-inch screen.

iPad Mini
The ultrathin and light design is far more intimate and booklike than the larger iPad. The iPad Mini's cameras, storage capacities, optional LTE antenna, and general functionality offer a full iPad experience. The screen's dimensions elegantly display larger-format magazines and apps.

Samsung Nexus 10

It’s Google’s first full-size tablet. The Nexus 10 has a beautifully sharp screen, which is the only tablet from any manufacturer that beats the screen resolution of the iPad. It's light, durable, and has the fastest processor of any Android tablet. Photo Sphere is an incredibly cool concept. Google's content ecosystem is only getting better. Plenty of apps provided on Google play to extend your enjoyment.

Microsoft Surface RT
This may even break people’s stereotyped expectations; the Microsoft Surface's Metro interface is innovative, elegant, powerful, and versatile. You can experience this tablet as a PC. The tablet feels strong and well-built, runs Office 2013, and includes rich video and music services. With it you can take your writing on the go. Its keyboard cover accessories are the best ways to type on a tablet, at present. Well, it needs some time before more apps are available on app store. Besides, Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro is coming soon.

The above tablets are perfect for your personal entertainment and for work. You can, for example, watch movies with your iPad during the journey. Blu-ray movies can also be played on these tablets as well to enhance your enjoyment.

Tablets as Christmas gifts for small kids:

Archos ChildPad
Archos ChildPad is a perfect 7-inch capacitive touchscreen Android tablet for child. The 800 x 480-pixel display enables surfing the internet just as on a PC or view HD videos. Pre-installed applications for kids and large choices from the AppsLib application store make it so much of fun.

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer Learning Tablet
Specially designed for kids, the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet is a touchscreen tablet with a range of educational titles; and a camera, video camera as well as a tilt sensor is offered. LeapPad2 comes with 5 apps: Pet Pad, Learning Songs, Art Studio, 1 app of your choice and Cartoon Director app, which lets you create your own movies!

Oregon Scientific MEEP! Tablet for Kids
The MEEP is a tablet for kids that runs the android operating system and offers parental controls. It is mainly designed for children at the age of 6 and over, with education content and entertaining content music, movies, e-books, and apps from leading developers, under the supervision of parents.

With so many optional choices on the list, you can make your decision according to your needs, your budget and maybe brand issue. Meanwhile, there are many others on sale for Cyber Monday; a nice tablet will absolutely become the best Christmas gift this winter!

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