New Live Telecast Player from BBC for London Olympic Games

BBC perceptive media
BBC has just launched the new version live interactive player earlier this July, which meanwhile introduced the BBC beta application of BBC sports on Facebook. BBC said all this is done for welcoming the soon arrival of the coming London 2012 summer Olympic Games.

This new version interactive player will provide 24 HD video streams accompanied with the function of reminding you of important watches and other information as well as some statistics. Such player is compatible with personal computer and also can be applied to tablets that support flash technology. Then you can watch live show of Olympic anywhere ever possible.

There is also a simplified version for the exclusive use of iPad and other portable devices that cannot support flash format. However, with the simplified version, many interactive functions won't be available.

BBC Sport Facebook app also supports stream video. In addition, there is easy access for the users to learn about what their friends are watching, and what the most popular matches are at the moment.

Won't that be wonderful? You can watch the games with your friends, and share your enjoyment. Such kind of live video player certainly would be a nice tool for the sports lovers. As the Olympic Games will be on in 9 days, let’s expect this great moment together.

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