Best Free Options for DVD Playback in Windows 8: VLC Media Player

As is already not news, DVD playback is not supported in Windows 8 by default since it contains no pre-installed Windows Media Center in it. Some users find it annoying since sometimes there is need of DVD viewing. The officially recommended solution to this calls for updates of Windows 8 Pro pack, to get the Windows Media Center, which enables DVD playback. (As shown below)
Windows 8-window media center-updates path
I would rather not pay to get the Windows 8 pro pack just for DVD playback through Media Center while Windows Media Player is still not compatible with DVD. Here collects some awesome video players that can solve this problem completely and freely.

1. VLC Media Player (highly recommended)

Windows 8 DVD Playback-VLC media player
This “play-anything” video player invented by VideoLAN (non-profit organization) costs users nothing to play videos of almost any formats, DVD files included. Additionally, this free open-source video player software runs on all platforms, with Windows 8 on its list.

2. Free version of RealPlayer

Windows 8 DVD Playback-RealPlayer
As probably the world’s most widely used media player, RealPlayer allows media playback for almost any formats. It plays more file formats than Windows Media Player as announced on its official website homepage.(FYI)

3. KMPlayer

Windows 8 DVD Playback-KMPlayer
Maybe this one is not as well-known as the above two, yet it definitely is a brilliant free media player which supports various formats (including DVD), languages, skins, etc. This powerful media player, with its own internal Codec, internal or external, enables you to modify your environment to a convenient multi-media format by using KMP.(FYI)

There are many other free options to play DVD in Windows 8 PC, such as SMPlayer (with MPlayer as its playback engine and its own codecs without codec packs installment which save you much trouble), etc.

In spite of the media player as options for DVD playback in Windows 8, you can probably try other methods as well. DVD rippers to get the DVD videos in other formats for playback would be another way, I suppose. After all, it seems that Microsoft tried to strip the DVD playback function for consumers’ sake of reducing fees as has done of the opposite, I’m afraid.


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