Top 10 Free Websites to Watch NBA 2012 Online (Live)

What's the hottest news for 2012 NBA SEASON lately?  Have you seen Kobe Bryant's DEATH STARE on yestoday's NBA game? Where to watch the NBA Games Live online to catch such special moment?

Kobe Bryant-Death Stare-Lakers-NBA

Well, as the regular season has kicked off for a while, are you still struggling searching for a good online video player/website for better viewing? This period will last long enough as it usually does, during which time over 1,000 games will be put on show. These websites below will allow you enjoying the big NBA season and then the playoff, the finals! NBA fans, cheers!

NBA-Best Websites for NBA Live Online

Some Official Websites for NBA Games:

1. NBA TNT Overtime

This website is provided by Cable network TNT; yet, this time you can watch NBA streaming without cable subscription, only broadband connection is required.
This online streaming NBA differs from TV as the games are broadcasted on an interactive 4-screen interface, with each of the 4 providing a different camera angle.

2. YouTube NBA Channel

This could be another option for NBA games. But there is in great need of more uploads of latest videos.

3. NBA.com

It's updated official website for NBA Games of regular season, playoffs and the finals. Or change for the old video player for NBA games since the new updating seems to be less than satisfactory.


ESPN shows a live NBA every Wednesday night and a double-header every Friday night. WatchESPN.com is free to viewers who log in with an active and paid-up cable TV subscription. NBA games on WatchESPN are available to re-watch on demand for 24 hours after the game has ended.

Some other Websites for NBA Games:

5. Wiziwig.tv

Wiziwig is a site specialized in schedules for all kind of Sports. You can watch Live Sports by using the schedules. It is fully free. You only need some clients to download and then you're ready to go. Prepare to watch a lot of Football, MLB, NHL, NBA, Cricket, Tennis and many more.

6. Frombar
It shares videos of many sports: football,hockey,baseball,golf,basketball-NBA, etc. The only thing you have to tolorate is the ads.

7. Streambeam

It is similar with Frombar, also provides different sports videos, NBA live online streaming videos included.

8. NBA Live Online
NBA Live Streaming, it shares great similarities with the previous two ones. Enjoy basketball in this website.

Some NBA Apps for Mobile

9.Desktop app: vipboxsports

10. Mobile App

WatchESPN:  for iOS system from app store; while for Android system, on Google Play: NBA Game Time 2012-13


  1. Try http://watchsports1.com for NBA games. I used to bounce around different sites to find working links but this site consolidate all the streams so if one goes down there's always another that works.

    1. Try from http://smashdunk.comthere are excellent live streams, working very good. You will have to pay few bucks, but i think it's worth it, there is a lot of info, videos and other stuffs too


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