Paralympics 2012: how to Watch the Less-Concerned Games?

The summer of 2012 is destined to be the time of global athletes. Just after the Olympic Games, Paralympics kicked off on August 29th, (if you missed, check out the Opening Ceremony) and will run through September 9th. If you are interested in watching your favorite sports or athlete, you can watch it live on YouTube.

Since watching on your set of the Live TV coverage of 2012 Paralympics is impossible, as the Olympic was already late and frustrating for its US audience just earlier this summer. And NBC is airing just a few hours of highlights.YouTube live is your top choice.

Sports fans can watch all the events on the International Paralympic Committee’s YouTube channel, where 500 hours of live competitions accompanied by a real-time commenting would be provided, for audience in US and Canada. For other viewers globally, 1,000-hour time of reviews, interviews, etc. would be perfect for you.

Besides, Paralympics 2012 website’s live video stream for the competition is also available. Or you can check what’s coming up for the day from the Official website as well.

As a matter of fact, the Paralympics were barely covered by major media in the past years. However, this year’s changes of covering this event in much non-existent ways bring up astonishing results: the audience times 3 of 2008 Olympics featuring the Coldplay and Queen.

Just like what Rachael Latham (former Paralympian) said,only when chances are provided for them trying to know and to understand, would people care for the Paralympics.

About Paralympics: (Paralympics is referred to the combination of “paraplegic” and “Olympic”)
Started in 1948, Paralympics are about trials and triumphs of the athletes, the first group of whom is veterans with spinal injuries survived the WWII. IPC-International Paralympic Committee is the global body of the Paralympic movement. Similar with Olympics, there are also summer and winter Paralympics. It’s the greatest event for world class athletes with a disability.

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