Free RealPlayer's Back for Android

As time goes by, RealPlayer, which was widely used on almost everyone’s computer back to the 90’s, has been gradually faded away from people’s sight. Whether because of its own development prospect or competitions, until recently, RealPlayer comes back again. This most well-recognized media player giant RealNetworks Company has just released RealPlayer app for Andriod in hoping to distance himself from the destructive opinions that have historically surrounded its desktop counterpart. (Previously, we’ve talked about the Beta version)
Video player-RealPlayer for Android
The newly-launched RealPlayer app is an all-in-one app for music, videos and photos, which makes it quite convenient to manage all your mobile media experience. It seems like RealPlayer does everything-play music, video; handle photos, be plugged directly into websites like FB.

Though with complicated functions, it is quite easy to operate. The app’s interface is simple with a clean, icon-based dashboard. All audio controls are placed at the center of the screen while icons for videos and photos at the bottom. Right on the dashboard, there are options for browsing Playlists, Albums, Genres, Artists, or Songs. At the first installation, it will automatically take inventory of the media on your device and populates its menus with your content, which make it possible for you to start your playing immediately.

"This is the media player that people want," said Scott Uomoto, SVP Consumer and Helix Divisions of RealNetworks. "It delivers on what RealNetworks does best: helping people simplify, connect to, and enjoy their digital media in the increasingly complex world of mobile media. We drew on the rich heritage of the RealPlayer media platform, which has close to 500 million installs over the last 2.5 years —with 190 million installs alone over the last 12 months— and is one of the most recognized brands in media players worldwide."
Free Video player-RealPlayer for Android
Key features:
1. Easily Organize & Play Music
Use an intuitive interface, metadata discovery, widgets and voice controlled search.
2. Listen to Music Your Way
You are the DJ with an equalizer, playlist editor, crossfade and personalized radio. 3. Share Your Media
Show off your media on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa.
4. Use the Free or Upgraded App
Enjoy the free app or upgrade for even more features.

Users are beginning to worrying about too much adware, due to the bad reputation of its bigger brother RealPlayer desktops. And some complain about no power features like photo effects, advanced sorting or video editing effects are added. Anyway, for your multimedia experience, RealPlayer for Android would absolutely be perfect. It will simplify your mobile, after all. You can get it on GooglePlay.


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