Samsung’s Updates: Flash Player still Exists

Days later after Adobe’s announcement of withdrawing from the battle of mobile devices browser player with HTML5, no Flash Player download available from Google’s app store Play could be found these days.
HTML5 vs Flash PlayerFlash Player vs HTML5
 Along with this decision, there is supposed to be no certified version of Flash Player for Android 4.1. For older versions of Google OS, limited use of Flash Player is still I use. However, users have no choice but removing the player after updating to Android 4.1.

That’ to say if your mobile runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, then it won’t go well with Flash Player any more. Even for updated users, Adobe suggested you uninstalling Flash as the uncertified version could exhibit unpredictable behavior.

Then when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S3, many users are worrying about losing Flash Player upon its updating to Jelly Bean 4.1.1. Will that take place in next month (September)? The good news is that: Samsung and Adobe have officially stated that all users of Galaxy S3 I9300 would keep their Flash Player, when upgrade from Android 4.0 ICS to Jelly Bean.
Samsung Galaxy S3 upgrades to JB
Actually, S3 users should know that Flash websites do work smoothly largely because of Samsung S3. Well, the updates would be set on the fourth quarter of 2012 and Galaxy S3, S2, Note, Note 2 are all expected to equipped with JB.Samsung confirmed during its IFA 2012 keynote today that a Jelly Bean update is coming to both the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 10.1 "very soon." It’s good to know that Adobe Flash Player still exists in mobile and of Android after August 15th.

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