Top 3 Video Players to be Embedded to Your Blogs

Whether blogging for business or for your personal purposes, there are cases when you need video players embedded to your blogs for better explanation and deeper understanding. Therefore, you need third-party video players for better results.

When choosing which embedded video players to use, factors such as: editing effects, annotation features, embedding features, uploading limits, etc. should all be taken into consideration. Or maybe your personal preferences would also be a decisive requirement. Thus, according to my collection and some research, I would like to recommend you some useful and robust video players for better promotion of your blogs.

1. YouTube

It’s impossible not to get YouTube video player involved in this filed; this video giant provides many outstanding traits for users’ demands. And it also brings about surprises all the time.
YouTube allows HD videos of 1080p, and even for 3D effects with a simple clicking in the transition button. Group privacy and private urls are available. Besides, the video editing function save trouble of searching for another kind of video editing tools. What’s more, there are new features released all the time such as the face-blurring effects, figure recognizing, etc. After all, YouTube shows you the latest video information and suggest the most popular ones.

2. Vimeo

As another U.S.-based video-sharing website on which users can upload, share and view videos, Vimeo makes it easier for users to embed their own videos, just as the word “vimeo” suggested- “me” be inserted into the word of “video”, which means “Vimeo” is for user-made videos. Besides, it is also an anagram of the word "movie"!
Vimeo-video player
Vimeo also supports HD videos for even longer duration time than YouTube. Great URLs are possible for users. And users can also set passwords for protecting their personal videos from being shown to public.

3. Flickr

Stereotyped as a photo sharing website to most people, Flickr offers people great opportunity to share photos, discoveries and happiness with others in just a minute. The fact is that, people can also camera filming to upload videos for sharing as well. Actually flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community, which is widely used by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media.
Flickr-video player
It can group video in collections with relevant photos. But free account users are allowed to upload 300 MB of images and two videos per month.

Well, there are of course other video players that can be embedded to your website, to your blogs, such as DailyMotion, etc. These 3 most popular video sharing hubs could already help you with your blog videos, with the most interesting ones, newest ones, or popular ones, to make it fun.

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