Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 or iPod Touch of 3.5-inch

The stereotyped portable music/video player should be handy and convenient enough for users’ experience would probably be broken down in the coming International Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) when Samsung is about to release its super huge Galaxy player 5.8. A player with 5.8 inch display? That’s even bigger than Galaxy S 3, and makes Galaxy Note look small somehow.

samsung galaxy player 5.8 specifications
With a similar outlook of Galaxy S3, this 5.8-inch PMP has a 960 x 540 qHD resolution LCD touchscreen. It runs Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core CPU with 1 GB RAM.. Users can choose either 16 or 32GB fixed memory, along with a micro SD card slot for extending to 32GB more. WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS are also on board as the previous versions. With a 2,500mAh battery (larger than galaxy note's 2100, to balance its size and needs), Galaxy Player 5.8 measures in at 165.8 x 85.9 x 10.8 mm and 221g.
samsung galaxy player 5.8-galaxy S3
Galaxy player’s lineup of 3.6-inch, 4.0-inch, 4.2-inch and 5.0-inch models were said to enjoy advantages over iPod. Expandable memory and removable battery won’t be found in Apple’s iPod. Moreover, the latest carries a larger screen than 3.5-inch of iPod touch.

However, would the large screen actually bring up its sharpness? Let’s take a look at the resolution details:
Galaxy Player 5.8: 960×540
iPod touch 3.5: 960×640
iPod touch
When taken the screen size into consideration, it’s obvious to notice that iPod touch definitely offers a superior resolution with a much smaller display screen. When talking about the 5.8-inch galaxy player, 5.3-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note is far more than gargantuan. As a matter of fact, I even wonder if 5.8-inch is too big for my pocket as so many of you may wonder as well.

Comparing the two players, each contains certain kinds of merits. Which one do you prefer, Galaxy Player 5.8 or iPod touch of 3.5-inch? Black and white for both players, let’s wait and see if Samsung could change the traditional player and beat Apple this time.

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