Websites for Lastest/Cheapest DVD/Blu-ray Movies

As online movie rental has become a trend of watching movies these years, do you know where you can get the latest news about the hottest movies on DVD and Blu-ray? To keep step with the newest movie information of DVD and Blu-ray, the websites listed below may be helpful.

Best Buy DVD/Blu-ray Movies

1. Blu-ray.com
Well, I suppose this website as something like official website for Blu-ray as its name suggests. There is freshest news of Blu-rays, DVDs, movies reviews, etc. From the “news” part, you can know what movies are going to be released on Blu-ray. There are lists of “top rated”, “top fans”, etc. which could be regarded as useful reference before you decide you gain one.
In addition, Blu-ray deals are always available on this website.

2. Amazon.com
Also a big online giant, which offers movie on DVD and Blu-ray at reasonable prices, Amazon.com seems much a professional place to get the latest trends of Blu-ray movies. You can try to find your favorite movies through format, genre, series, actors or directors.

3. Walmart.com
People around the world will not be unfamiliar with shopping on Walmart.com. Here you can always get some wonderful Blu-ray movies at a best price. There is an option of “$ 10 Blu-rays” selling Blu-rays under 10 dollars. Maybe you can check this out regularly to see if your favorite movies are on sale or not!

4. BestBuy.com
I bet you may find some of the best buys of DVD/Blu-ray movies here. Select “movies and TV shows”, then you’re lead to 3 sections: Blu-ray movies, TV shows, DVD movies, each of which provides price levels for your choices: $3.99 to 7.99, or $9.99 to 19.99, as well as 29.99 to 129.99. The left “Price Range” will be a bit more accurate. “Genre” divides movies into 12 themes like Comedy, Horror, and so on. You can browser by “Studio”.

5. Ebay.com
Choose “DVDs & Movies” beside the search bar, and then movies on DVDs and Blu-rays are shown in several categories: Best-selling movies & TV, best-selling comedy, Best-selling animation, etc. You can choose accordingly. Besides, on the top left, there are format selections: Blu-ray Disc, DVD, HD DVD and other formats.

6. Google shopping
Well, you can have a try of this function of Google shopping in Google. The outstanding feature is that it even offer “compare prices” options. Web search DVD movies/Blu-ray movies you want and then choose according to your preference.

7. Deepdiscount.com
A website provides discounted items of books, music and movies on DVD and Blu-ray. On the homepage, there is “daily deep deals” on the top left. And you can get some best deals from the left navigator bar “Today’s deals”-deals.

8. Target.com
You can search DVD or Blu-ray movies, and then similarly, you can find all sorts of movies listed according to different standards. Pick up some you like. Also, you can browser them in “new”, “best order”, “pre-order” and so forth.

9. Play.com
This is specially for UK, a UK online Blu-ray movies store which provides discounts for many DVDs and Blu-rays.

Actually, you can also get useful information from other websites like sonypictures.com, highdefdigest.com, and redbox.com, and so on. You can always try to compare prices among these website provide before purchasing some best Blu-ray movies and enjoy yourself.

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