Top Horror Movies for Halloween 2012-Turn off the Light to Enjoy the Night (Updated)

It’s the October again with the arrival of Halloween in about 3 weeks. Speak of Halloween; creepy things always pop up in our minds. Are you ready for the night? With these best Halloween movies, you can just turn off your light and enjoy the night!(These movies are already available on DVDs) (sources from YouTube, IMDb)

1. Rosemary's Baby (1968)
This movie is about a young couple move into a New York apartment expecting their first child. The husband a poor actor makes a pact with the devil in hoping of the success in his career. They find themselves surrounded by peculiar neighbors, who are after the baby as a sacrifice to the devil.

2. The Exorcist (1973)
Being regarded as the scariest movie of all time by Entertainment Weekly and Movies.com, it tells a story about a girl who is possessed by demon and her mother tries to save her soul by asking for two priests’ help.
The film earned ten Academy Award nominations — winning two (Best Sound and Best Adapted Screenplay), and losing Best Picture to The Sting.

3. Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974)
The movies is also named as Night of the Dark Full Moon and re-released in the 1981 horror boom as Death House.
A man inherits an isolated mansion, which once was a mental home. He visits the place and begins to investigate some crimes that happened in old times, scaring the people living in the region.

4. The Omen (1976)
An American ambassador Robert learns that his son (which is really not his but one he picked up at the hospital: When Katharine has a stillborn child, a priest at the hospital suggests Robert taking a healthy newborn whose mother has just died in childbirth. Without telling his wife he agrees) is the literal antichrist. Naturally, grisly deaths occur. He is an evil incarnate.
Two endings were filmed. Besides, the remake of the movie was released on 06/06/06.

5. Halloween (1978)
The Halloween classic, as the name itself shows, shocked audience in 1978.
The year is 1963, the night: Halloween. Police are called to 43 Lampkin Ln. only to discover that 15 year old Judith Myers has been stabbed to death, by her 6 year-old brother, Michael. After being institutionalized for 15 years, Myers breaks out on the night before Halloween.
Good news, HALLOWEEN the classic will hit theaters from 25 to 30 this month. Michael Myer is back before Halloween!

6. The Amityville Horror (1979)
Buying the house for a steal in the fall of 1975 because of a multiple murder barely a year before, they move in to experience a series of increasingly disturbing paranormal events, this movie is adapted from the true story of George Lee and Kathy Lutz, it’s about their miserable staying at the house in Amityville. They flee, finally.

7. Friday the 13th (1980)
Well, this may somehow be close to our life, like similar experience we’ve went through. This movie is about a group of young counselors who are working to get Camp Crystal Lake up and running for the summer. But someone isn’t too happy with the camp and one by one they are knocked off in dramatic gory ways.
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  2. Nice post! Horror movies may definitely serve as an exercise for children to be able to handle and let go of all fears in life. It will always be just a fantasy even if the scenes look so real and convincing. People think that children can greatly benefit from watching horror movies because they are somehow aided in facing and standing up to their fears.

    Producer Chris Young

    1. Well, somehow that is the case how it works. But I may not dare to show some of these horror movies to kids. I'd rather show them some suitble for them:http://video-player-software.blogspot.com/2012/10/halloween-2012-best-dvd-movies-for-kids.html
      Probably there should be a process to go.