How to Enable Blu-ray Playback in VLC Player ?

VLC Player- Blu-ray and VLCAs one of the most favored open-sourced and free media player of versatile functions, VLC media player enjoyed high reputation for its powerful playback feature. Just like what you’ve heard about VLC, it supports almost any video formats you got. Then how about Blu-ray?

How to enable Encrypted Blu-ray playback in VLC player? Below are some tips for your reference.

1. Free method
With some tricks, the latest VLC 2.0.x media player would be able to enable Blu-ray playback for most of them released before 2012. While BD+ is not supported.

To get Blu-ray to work in VLC run these commands:
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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libaacs0 libbluray-bdj libbluray1
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Now we need to make an aacs folder and download the keys:
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cd ~/
mkdir -p ~/.config/aacs/
cd ~/.config/aacs/ && wget http://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/files/KEYDB.cfg

(This method is from pinguy, for more information you can refer to Blu-Ray Encrypted/Retail Playback & Ripping in VLC)

2. Official Method
You'll need two files: keys database and AACS dynamic library. For more related information check this forum out.
After some search and trail I’d also recommend you this video from YouTube to get Blu-ray discs played in VLC media player.

3. Easy method
If you do not want bother to make such complicated settings and adjustments, you may just try some useful tool to get the encrypted Blu-ray videos out and then play on VLC player. Well, this may cost some while saves trouble. The professional ripping tool I came across from this software from Cnet download site would definitely perfect your video viewing experience.


  1. linux is shit everything is mess,every little thing like play blu-ray huh huh

    1. For a Dummies like you, yeah it is a mess... In your brain everything is a mess

    2. I wonder if he realizes its just as hard to play blu-rays in windows