Free Video Websites for HD Videos Enjoyment

Watching videos of high definition online is becoming an irreversible trend these days. For many people would like to watch videos through internet, the free video websites for HD videos below certainly could be their favorites.

1. YouTube HD

Free Video Website-YouTubeNo need to mention that it is the leader of video sharing websites worldwide, YouTube offers impressive improvements during the years, including HD videos. Earlier this year in April, YouTube launched the trail function of 1080P video 3D mode selection function. It’s of no need to introduce more about this I believe as most of us have used it already.You can change quality of 720P or 1080P by simple clicking the "Change quality " button.

2. The Akamai The HD Web

Free Video Website-The HD WebThe Akamai The HD Web features HD videos from several networks such as BBC, MTV, CBS Gannett, NBA, Cnet, etc. There are two viewing options: 720 or 1080P. But if your network condition is not well enough say below 7.5Mbps of available bandwidth, the Bandwidth Check would remind you that you may meet difficulty in viewing HD videos. Files of no larger than 120MB will be downloaded to your computer and can be viewed through Quicktime or Windows Media.

3. versuz.org

Free Video Website-VersuzHere, it seems all kind of TV series can be available, and most in high quality. The most popular ones like The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, etc. are all shown in the list. Well, it’s no need to register or pay, just click the videos you want to watch and answer the question of common sense knowledge. It also allows video downloading. BTW, ads always come out.

4. Monetize Media

Free Video Website-Monetize MediaMonetize Media is a white-label online video platform for LIVE and ON-DEMAND video streaming. Users can upload, share and monetize contents, and also create their own channels, much like YouTube. You can find HD videos from there.

5. Vimeo

Free Video Website-VimeoAs a rapidly-growing online videos sharing hub, Vimeo possesses a HD video channel where it provides videos sharing of 720P resolution. Comparing to the standard 320*240 resolutions, 1280*720 is way better (12 times better) with 24 frames per second.

6. For music videos
This is mostly for music video shows for those music lovers. HD videos of music can be found here.
It also provides music videos of high quality. Well, these videos from two websites seem to originally come from YouTube.

There are, of course, many more wonderful free websites for video viewing, of which some provides high definition videos. If you know some cool ones or better ones, you can share in the comment box. And, for high quality videos, it calls for smooth network connection.

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